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In this module we’re going to get data from CSV files.

First of, all how does a CSV file look? Again it’s a good practice to look at it to see if you’re getting the expected data into Power BI.

What we have here is our customer table and it doesn’t look like a CSV file because you know Excel transformed it into some kind of Excel file, and you can easily see and work with, but it is a CSV file. You can actually see it on the file extension.

Now that we’ve seen how it looks, we close it, we open Power BI and we’re going to get the data through Power Query. (I should fix that).

So we go to Get data > Text/CSV, it’s one of the most common sources so it’s already there, and we pick our CSV source. We will get the same interface as for a text file. We choose the delimiter, the file origin, if is 200 rows or more, we click Edit and then here we see what’s going on

Now we can see that we have (the steps) Source: so read the file, changed the type, but something that it didn’t do is to promote headers as you can see, so what we’re going to do is click here: Use first rows as headers and now we have everything the way we want it except for the title, the table title: this is customers so let’s change that.

Now we are happy: Close and apply and the data with load into Power BI ready for analysis. It is very useful isn’t it? and again new data comes in, you click the refresh button and it will load.

If you want to schedule refresh, you cant do it here in Power BI Desktop we will go through in other modules.But this is it! it’s easy!

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