• M Language Online Course: The unofficial and Practical Reference Guide

    by Ruth Pozuelo Martinez
    60 Lessonsin
    • M Language Online course: The unofficial and practical Reference Guide - 265  (Price excl. VAT: 212 )
    M language online course

    Learn the Fundamentals of the M Langugage with MVP Ruth Pozuelo Martinez by taking the M Language Online course: The unofficial and practical Reference Guide. In this course, we will go through the Official M Reference Language Guide but explain it with practical examples and exercises. See the video below for more details and also check out the preview lessons:

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  • Power Query Online Training [updated 2022]

    by Ruth Pozuelo Martinez
    58 Lessonsin
    • Power Query course for Power BI - 125  (Price excl. VAT: 100 )
    Power query course for beginners from curbal

    Power Query is one of the most important tools or skills that you need to learn in the coming years. Why do I say that? Well Power Query is available now in Excel, in Power BI, in Analysis Services, you have it in PowerApps, in flow... Microsoft is putting Power Query everywhere! There are two reasons for that: it is that good, is an amazing tool and number two: it just makes your life easier. Check the video below to learn more about the course: Happy Learning!

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  • Introduction to Power BI - FREE Online course

    by Ruth Pozuelo Martinez
    12 Lessonsin

    Price: FREE (only membership required) If you are a decision maker trying to evaluate a new business intelligence tool or if you are an analyst trying to expand your toolset or you are a business user that wants to get a little bit more than you get from Excel, then this is course is perfect for you.

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