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Advanced tutorial on get data from Excel

In today’s tutorial we will create a Power BI dashboard from scratch. It is a Power Bi tutorial for beginners as all the steps are explained in detail, but we are going to do some complex transformations in Power Query and go through the latest updates in Power BI.

Table of contents:

00:00 Intro
06:18 Clean complex data from excel
21:24 Create a function to clean data on multiple excel sheets
23:39 Clean data in multiple excel sheets
26:34. Import multiple workbooks in Power BI
29:32 Create a function to import multiple workbooks in Power BI and clean all the sheets using the same Power Query function.
47:00 Create a Power BI custom calendar
49:59 Change date type to match you date field regional setting
53:10 Drill down functionality in Power BI
55:22 Map cities accurately in Power BI
55:34 Custom colour themes in Power BI

Watch the tutorial:

Airport data: Power BI tutorial for advanced users

Links to the mentioned resources

To get the files:
1. Go to Curbal Download Center > Community Downloads
2. Get File #40
3. Link to demo excel file

Create a Power BI custom calendar

Create a custom 4-4-5 calendar that self-generates in Power BI - Power BI Tips & Tricks 23

Map cities accurately in Power BI

Incorrect map locations in Power BI and how to solve it (Part 2)

Custom color themes for Power BI

How to create custom color themes - Power BI Tips & Tricks #34
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