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Avoid hardcoded paths in Power Query

With the release of the April update (2016), Power BI allows the use of parameters and in this video I will show you how to configure them to avoid using hardcoded paths when connecting to file sources in your computer.

Table of contents:

00:00 Intro
01:00 Why hardcoded paths are problematic
01:30 How parameters work
02:30 How to create your own parameters
04:00 Add the parameter to your path
04:45 Test the parameter

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Set up Query Parameters to avoid hardcoded paths in Power Query

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  1. Hi Ruth, I’m an avid watcher of your vids primarily because I connect with your approach to training. So I looked hard but I could not find a video where you addressed the later released “Managed Parameters” in conjunction with how parameters are used in Template files (.pbit). So to spice it up, I’ve run into an issue that no one on the internet has mentioned or addessed (that I can find).
    Parameters used in Templates work great unless you need to use a parameter to complete a source path in another parameter that creates a drop down choice list.
    So this scenario works in the PBIX file, but when you try to run it in the PBIT file, you get an error that the option list cannot be found. (I’m assuming because the 1st param is not yet recognized).
    I’ve tried everything to get the first parameter to be recognized in the second parameter, but to know avail. Can you?!! 🙂 Your challenge if you choose to accept it. Thanks Ruth!!

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