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Change field types in one step in Power Query

If you want to reduce the number of steps and change field type in one, you will notice that the user interface will always separate them when specifying the regional settings.
In today’s video , I will show you how you can modify the power query code to change field types in one step, but also show you what happens when you do that, so you can prevent unexpected results.

Table of contents:

00:00 Intro & use case
00:35 Show the sample data and exemplify the issue
00:54 Change dates using regional settings
01:40 Why power query will not change field type in the same step
02:00 Change types in the same step when using the regional settings
02:30 How to make it in the same step with and without regional settings
03:05 Why you need to be careful with this technique

Watch the tutorial:

Change field types in one step in Power Query
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Table of Contents