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Get data from GitHub and auto-refresh it


This video is part 1 of the upcoming series: How to create a Vaccine tracker.

In Part 1 we will get the data from Github, publish it to a PPU workspace (we will need that later) and show you how to schedule refresh it and what to do if the option is not available.

Table of Contents

00:00 Intro
00:30 Show the data in GitHub
01:40 How to get csv files from GitHub
02:00 Get data GitHub data into Power BI
02:13 Proper casing on headers
04:00 Replace multiple values in one step
04:45 Create a week and sort week column & other transformations
10:00 Load data in power bi
11:00 Grab the population, calendar and location data from GitHub
15:30 Create a Premium Per User workspace (PPU) and publish
17:00 Schedule refresh GitHub data
18:00 Issues with scheduling refresh GitHub data
19:00 What we will do in  Part 2

Full Tutorial

Other Resources

1. Get covid data:

2. Github data:

3. Header Transformations:

4. Replace multiple values:

Download Sample File

To get the files:
1. Go to Curbal Download Center > Community Downloads
2. Get File #66

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Table of Contents