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Export more than 100k rows of Power BI data to CSV using Power Automate – Remove headers

On a previous video I showed you how to batch the Power BI exports so you don’t hit the Power Automate limit of 100k rows but while looping through the data, the headers for each loop where saved too.

In this video I will show you how to get rid of the headers.

Watch the tutorial on YouTube

Export data from Power BI - No limits -No headers

The code

As Ratnakar jv explained in the comments, on the “Do until Loop” step , find the step “Append to string variable” and replace the code to this:

if(equals(variables('LoopsVar'), 2), body('Create_CSV_Table'), join(skip(split(body('Create_CSV_Table'), decodeUriComponent('%0A')),1), decodeUriComponent('%0A')))

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