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Is my data secure in Power BI? Part 1: How data is stored.

If you are considering using Power BI, you might have asked yourself: Is my data secure in Power BI?

Table of contents:

That is what we are going to talk about on this video:
We will discuss the different methods available for you to get data in Power BI.
We will then discuss two critical topics:
1. What is data in transit?
2. What is data at rest?

Now that we understand those two concepts, we will move to discuss how Power BI stores your data based on the import type and if data is at rest or in transit.

Watch the tutorial:

Is my data secure in Power BI? Part 1: How data is stored. 🔐

Links to the mentioned resources

There is a white paper on data security in power bi that you can get more details on this topic:…
Or watch Kasper de Jonge presentation on the topic:…

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