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Rio 2016 Summer Olympics – Full Power BI tutorial

For this Power BI demo, we are going to create a report based from the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics data. This video is a perfect Power Bi tutorial for beginners as we go in detail through all the steps needed to create the Power BI report.

The video tutorial has been divided in two videos so it doesn’t get too long.

We will learn among other things, how to import data from the web, how to merge tables, how to add images to visualizations, and much more…

NOTE: These series are from back in 2016, but there are some neat tricks used there that you will definitely will want to use event today, so grab the data and try to reproduce the report!

Watch the series

Resources needed for the tutorial:

Link to the Power BI file with the data

Video on how to create the calendar used in the report:

#D29 - A configurable and self generated calendar in Power BI

Video on how to create the dynamic titles shown in the report:

Build Dynamic titles in Power BI  - Power BI Tips & Tricks #45

Video on how to write DAX fast!

DAX Fridays! #1: How to write DAX in Power BI
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