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The Economist Excess Mortality Tracker in Power BI

In todays video I will show you how to recreate the excess mortality tracker using their data source:

Table of contents:

00:00 Intro & Report description
00:40 Describing the data source
01:20 Get data from github in power bi
02:30 Preparing & Transforming the data
03:30 Clean data for one country
05:00 Create a power query function for each country
05:40 Apply the function to the country table
06:15 Transforming the data
07:30 Load the data in Power BI and visualize
08:40 Format the visuals to look like the economist
10:30 Calculating excess deaths
11:20 Final formatting

Watch the tutorial:

Recreate  The Economist Excess Mortality tracker in Power BI

Links to the mentioned resources

To get the files:
1. Go to Curbal Download Center > Community Downloads
2. Get File #60
3. The raw data on GitHub

How to get COVID data:

How to import csv files from github in Power BI and avoid hard coded columns

Tutorial on Power Query functions:

How to create functions in Power Query

Tutorial on Privacy settings for Power Query:

Power Bi / Power Query data privacy explained

Tutorial on common header transformations in Power Query:

8 common column headers transformations you will need in Power Query
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